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crap i just woke up from a nap and i feel like my whole body clock’s been turned inside out. i still haven’t had dinner and i have a review that’s due today ugh

Gaaah you're from Singapore? Meee TOOO. (And yeah that "anti" gambling ad hahaha. Fail lah ...)
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Yeah it’s kind of the worst cos John Oliver is one of my favourite comedians and why did he had to do this to me??? I was watching the episode in bed and I brought my sheets up to my face over how mortified I was over this. I have so many things to say about that segment — the weird graphics, the fact they had to “Americanise” it as a parody in the end….. I feel it’s kinda like a crush has found out about my embarrassing past (god can I be more of a narc) and I both crave and don’t really want this sort of attention.

aaaaah my home country singapore was mentioned in john oliver’s last week tonight!! it had a whole segment on the gambling ad. i’ve never been so embarrassed / gleeful over this in my lifeeeee

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